PvP feedback

Some feedback from recent days.

- Option to hide your character lvl's / Chris mentioned this long time ago. Also it spoils suprise factor in open matches.
- Disable to see the oponent' avatar after start of the round. You can type just /who and you got almost all information you need. It kinda spoils the suprise factor and you know against who you are fighting (spoil factor).
- Seperate channel for pvp searching (lvl 28 and open).
- Removing character icon in map / spoil factor.
- Add Variation of icon when there is more then 5 rounds (6-8 icon, but difirent color).


- It's possible to attack after the round is finished.

More to be added.
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Last edited by Metalica24 on Nov 2, 2012, 4:27:14 PM
Yeah its very possible to attack after you die. My minions sometimes kill a player just after i,ve died. He is still the one granting a point so its not even a problem, i see it more as a 2 second period designed for something funny to happen. Its funny when 2 players kill each other... but in this game it is the guy who kills you FIRST that wins.

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