[28] Specific PVP feedback regarding my build

Here's my build:

A critical multiplier bow build. The basic strategy is 5x diamonds worth of OHKO or 2HKOs.


The fights:


I wish I had Fraps. A lot of fun, intense fights with this build - surprisingly. People quickly realize they get OHKO'd by me and adapt. Had a few close calls, but notably:

This build trashes anyone who isn't using a shield. A shield is a must-have to counter this.
Secondly, this build trashes anyone who isn't twinked out. You don't stand a chance at all without gear on par with mine, in terms of quality. You need at least 750 life.

Evasion + Block demolishes this build, as in, I cannot physically do anything to you. I use up my diamond flasks and my do no damage. I'll at least be wasting half on blocked hits. My random critical strike chance is too low and I have to use temporal chains - critical weakness isn't worth it.

New players are very confused/frustrated though. "Rangers are op zooomg!" I think an eventual "kill/combat log" will be necessary for PVP, will help let players know that they died in one very powerful hit.

This build was able to win 1v1 any class, but also lost to every class at least once, besides the Witch. Never encountered a Witch who wasn't a summoner or a freezing pulser -- this build trashes those things. One lightning arrow turns minions into goo.


Equally fun. This build feels even better against many groups, because my two friends can cover me while I spam fire arrow in a general direction. It's great to take out an enemy team mate in one hit and turn the battle in our favor quickly.

Also equally easy to counter - players realize who's doing the damage quickly and single me out. I'm dead very easily, though my high evasion HAS resulted in my close wins for me - I evade enough hits to be surprisingly durable in combat despite my minimal defense investment.

Specific concern:

This unique.


It's crucial to my build (at least, I don't think I can find a level 28~ bow better than it and I doubt Quill Rain will be better than it), but at the same time it's my achille's heel. My main complain is that the "extr arrow" that's added doesn't work too well.

Because there are an even number of projectiles (2), the script for multiple projectiles gives me this annoying angle vs targets that are far away.

To see what I mean, equip this unique bow and try to hit a single enemy target from far away. BOTH OF MY ARROWS FLY ON BOTH SIDES OF MY TARGET. That's right, you aim right down the middle when you click an enemy and MISS. You need to shift + click target above or below the thing you want to hit, in order to hit it after a certain distance. This makes it horribly unwieldy for PVP, I'm basically not even trying to snipe with this bow, the arrow moves too slowly through the air and isn't even flying in the general direct I need it to. I have to overcompensate for the added projectile, it's actually a downside to the bow, which I'm not sure is intended? At close range, it's thankfully no big deal.

My personal conclusions:

With the way damage scaling works at level 28, as well as other factors with the game at this time, the current critical multiplier available to the Ranger is fine. It's counterable. This build can be beaten with the right skill, tactics, and build. It is rather polarizing. There are some builds I simply cannot and are utterly beat by, and there are others I literally one shot and walk away. It's very polarizing, but that's to be expected.
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How does mana factor in lvl 28 pvp? are you using multiple aura's?
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