[lvl 28 pvp]

There aret enough bodies for summoners. There is only enough for 1 fully fillyng summon list.
And thats not enough considering summons just get 1 hit-killed.

Also bodies are too far away form start, and there arent enough for even fully summoning in 1 place.

There is no time to summon before fight which means summoner is actiolly not fighting at full potential.

Also i dont think players should be visible to eachother on map.Hiding and avoiding egagement should be part of the play in order to make traps / totems more fun to use.

Archers ourtun summons without any spell or passives ( i think so in case of passives), which makes sumons simply not do anything at all.At this lvl cc is rather limited so no slowing down posible, besides summoner has to keep sumoning rather than casting other spells duo to the fact theere is no time to pre-summon.

Balancing sumons thru not letting them BE on the battlefield is just straight out wrong.

Balance them by altering damage etc.Whats the point of being summoner if you cant have sumomns?
I have runes, potions and total disregard of public safety.
Last edited by pod11 on Nov 4, 2012, 1:48:27 PM
Agree on these points (though I havnt done much pvp with my low lvl summoner). Zombies cant hit a moving target, you spend way too much time getting to corpses and summoning at start of round.

Have you guys tried removing the corpse req from zombies in the arena?

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