PVP seems.... Dead

after OB and when people play a few different builds people will start to build pvp characters and it will get more and more popular kinda like the D2 days if you remember, pvp became the best part ofthe game thats all people wanted to do eventually
They have already said they would add PvP rewards.

As is, every build has counters and some are more viable for PvE.

Example summons. Monsters in PvE attack summons directly which is why they are viable.

a Good PvPer would kite them and kill the source hero directly.

Same as in WoW if you took the time to kill the hunters pet. You were dead. If you sat there and tanked the hunters pet you were dead.

IT is all about using every resource you can.

If they are melee and hit hard? Don't let them hit you.

If they are ranged and try to kite? Stop them from running via disables mines etc.

Lay mines where you are currently kite around to the other side and push forward while dodging what you can. Chances are they will run the other direction into the traps u laid earlier then fuck them the hell up.
PvP need Ladder (ranking) and ELO SYSTEM maybe it would be nice to make PvP more popular in this game.
sidaliroy wrote:
PvP need Ladder (ranking) and ELO SYSTEM maybe it would be nice to make PvP more popular in this game.

yup. without this, pvp in this game will def be a very very small niche thing
please give the pvp system more love
If someone is interested i posted an idea for a pvp game mode that came from my experience with dota games.
Maybe it can be helpful as a suggestion, the link is on my signature.
Anyway i hope they will put more pvp contents in future, pretty bored to just farm.
My PvPvE Idea: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/81921
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PvP needs a ton of additions and changes. It is however enjoyable at times, especially on 3vs3. Still believe this is just a PvP placeholder and that we should excpect to be surprised the coming weeks or months.

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