PVP Footage + Tips and Tricks! (Episode 7 is a must-watch! Guaranteed to bring you laughter!)

Decided to post this here as well since it's probably more relevant to this forum subsection.

In the videos I sometimes try and give some tips or advice to opponents so watch the chatbox in case some of the things I say might be useful to you :)

Unrestricted PVP Tier
Invalesco in Action!

Level 28 PvP Tier
Episode 1 - First battle ever
Episode 2 - Compilation of various battles
Episode 3 - Showcasing the art of Bear Trapping, Viper Striking, and countering Volls Baptism!
Episode 4 - Epic battles against the only one who has managed to beat me thus far
Episode 5 - More epic battles against Hex, with him using Warding Flasks this time
Episode 6 - Featuring some 3v1 battles
Episode 7 - The Art of turning one's opponent into a friend: Conversion Traps!

So the non-beta members know what they're missing ;)

There are currently 2 Tiers of PVP in Path of Exile. One is for Level 28 and below, and the other is unrestricted PVP for Merciless Characters.

Although it may seem the case here, not every PVP duel is a one-shot affair. It's just that this character's equipment is pretty good at the moment. But in the battles where granites are used, curses, other tactical skills etc the battle can be dragged out for longer.

Some info regarding the level 28 character
More info on his build can be found here:

Some interesting observations regarding the unrestricted tier
- It seems like its worth sacrificing 3k ES for 47% spell block chance and 5% to all max resists against casters.
- If you look closely you can see the Adder's Touch effect on some of the opponents. The green degen-like thing.
- Acro/Evasion with High Block Chance, Blind support and Enfeeble curse is pretty strong. Looks like my build has met its counter.
- Triple Curse + Cold spells is pure evil!
- Bear Trap is useful, but whirling blades can still be used
- Frost wall doesn't seem that useful. It's possible to flicker/whirling blades through

Cheers folks!
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I can't believe nobody thought of conversion trap until now :P

I seriously doubt that is working as intended?
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Haha that is so funny. Very effective... viper strike... party member as viper takes their health down. So funny.
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