The problems with barrage are its spread, which causes it to be inaccurate, and its delay, which causes faster moving enemies to easily avoid it while you're unable to aim in a different direction.

The increased damage and threshold gem doesn't really fix those issues.
How does barrage with volley fire work? Or barrage in general.
Is crit rolled for all 8 hits? Is accuracy rolled both times (to hit and to check a crit) each time separately for each hit?

Read somewhere that 60% of time is spent to actually attack. So if I have let's say 1 attack/s, in case of a unlinked barrage there is roughly 0,15 secs between each attack and 0,4 between each barrage?
Crit is always rolled per Attack. Chance to Hit and Crit confirm are always rolled per Hit.
I still dont understand that.

When we fire something we don't know what will be hited. There is can be many aims, with much different evasion, so it must be like "somethg hited, somethg - not, somethg - crit, somethg - not".

When proj on the way we don't have all necessary data to say what will be happen next.

"Crit per action" can be used to Spells whitch don't use Evasion, but not for the attacks. It must be per collision (potentioal hit)

GGG plz help with it.

Hope, you understand me.

UPD:still intrested
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When you initiate an attack, the game rolls to see if it is a critical hit.
All the projectiles you fire from that one skill are thus "critical projectiles", for lack of a better description.
When a projectile collides with an enemy, every projectile will check on it's own if it's a hit, and if so, will roll again to see if the crit is a hit (crits basically have to "hit" twice to actually crit).

So, any suggestions which hits this could possibly apply that aren't weapon damage reliant or spells?
Because I already did CoC.
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ejtnaj wrote:
On my bow character, I've been using a 5L Barrage setup with (1) Faster Attacks, (2) Point Blank, (3) Physical Proj Damage, and currently (4) Added fire damage. I've experimented with quite a bit in the (4)-slot but for now I like the extra elemental.

I have a tooltip damage of around 10k, whereas with Frenzy (which everyone is using) the tooltip hits around 4x as much dps.

Still, I've noticed bosses die faster when using Barrage. Does this have to do with the combination Point Blank and my Lioneye bow that always hits?

Frenzy is 1 projectile peer activation. So the tooltip is right.
Barrag is 4 projectiles peer activation. So you must use 4* tooltip DPS (IF all 4 hit the target).

Same with Double Slash (2 hit peer use) or Cyclone (2 hit peer use). Tooltip DPS*2.

LMP is ttip-DPS*6. GMP is ttip-DPS*8 IF all projectiles hit.

Volley Fire jewell ... it seams, as if only 1 of the two starting/final projectiles are able to hit the target :(. But not sure about this. IF they all can hit the same target, then it would be 6, 8 and 10*ttip-DPS.

All this becomes even more confuse, if you use CoC + Fireball + Arctice Breath + Ice Speer + GMP + Volley Fire Jewell ;).

IF all 10 Barrage projectiles hit AND crit AND proc all 3 spells it is:
10* Barrage ttip-dps + 10*Fireball ttip-DPS + 10*Arctice Breath ttip-DPS + 10*Ice Speer ttip-DPS max.
Well, no, because the spell's dps also includes castrate.
In the best of cases, which I assume will never actually happen, you'd add the spells damage * barrages per second to your barrage dps (after, as you said, you multiplied it).
Global chat: Mechanics for A work one way, B for another, C for a third but also with A, B uses C but not A, and D uses A&B but not C

Isn't a "no" better than an ignore?
useless and dead skill, used just in CoC builds to trigger linked gems, this skill not a support skill but used as support one...
I'm a lvl 90 Deadeye in Standard and I'm running an elemental build based around Windripper. With Anger, Herald of Ice and Ice Golem my tooltip barrage says 26k dps (6L'ed with 20q FA, WED, crit dmg, pierce and added cold dmg -- all at lvl 20) with 4 attacks per second (4.22 with bloodrage active) and a minimum crit chance of 87% with 415% multiplier, 90% chance to hit.
I've been using Barrage for as far as I can remember and I have no idea why people say it's bad. The only worthy contender (for me) is Blast Rain which I'm currently using on a 5L. I used to run ROA with CoH Projectile Weakness which really amplified barrage's damage.
Other mentions? Tornado Shot and Lightning Arrow both require a GMP to be effective, and maybe a Chain as well (not my case -- I'm using the free Chain from Deadeye) which lower their damage considerably. LA is good for clearing large packs of mobs but single-target it's simply terrible. TS requires planning and aiming to get the LMP arrows to connect onto the main target, which means you have less time to dish damage and you're not exploiting the full possibility of atkspd all the time. Barrage? Just stand and shoot, machinegun style. A movement skill is imperative (ie Flame Dash) to dodge split-second strikes in case the unique boss does manage to get close (or teleports, like the boss from Residence). With 7 frenzy charges my atkspd cooldown is 0.18 -- more than enough to keep the targets permanently knocked back and chilled/frozen (my main dmg source is cold).
Of course, I am NOT saying they're shabby -- but as far as ease of use goes, Barrage is quite comfortable.

The best part about using Barrage is that I have knockback on crit -- and often unique bosses on tier 12-13 maps are not a problem. I have the Volley Fire jewel as well, this means I'm shooting 6 arrows.
My biggest curiosity is whether the tooltip DPS is shown as per volley or per projectiles fired. If the latter case is given, then it has insane potential for isolated targets as well as multiple targets (free chain from Deadeye). The only major downside of Barrage I'm seeing is that you're pinned down while you're shooting, leaving you vulnerable for the duration.
Otherwise, I've endorsed Barrage since 2013 and I am still doing so to this day. I agree, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but IMO the hate towards Barrage is not justified as long as it can prove to be a very potent boss-slaying type of skill, and not good for only CoC builds. On its own, as a main active skill (and if linked correctly), it can definitely be devastating -- that is, if the dmg and crit stats are more than decent.

tl;dr - long live Barrage, pls dont nerf
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