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why doesnt this skill have duration in the list? reduced duration for prep time would be very appropriate...why dont the number of projectiles increase? lmp is 30% less, split arrow is 80% damage effectiveness.

the damage effectiveness and reduced attack speed is not ok. pick one or the other... multistrike is a very good example of what u are doing here and what happened to it? its inevitable go on and fix it already...

i feel like u should have just added wand to split arrow and called it rapid shot.
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I agree with pretty much everyone in here, outside of CoC builds and Chin Sol bow builds this skill seemingly has no place.

Its worse than every single target alternative and its heavily linked AOE version is worse than every one of the those single target skills also heavily linked.

I honestly don't know why this skill exists.
Seems really underwhelming.
A skill that shoots ALOT projectile with REDUCED damages is designed to be a PROC skill, not a main attack imo.Or ull need to sacrifice alot to make it effective as main, such as the new gem, faster proj, faster attacks, point blank, iron grip, added fire or w/e.

Im kinda disapointed with the desynch tho, if you cast then move then cast then move it ends up like a full wtf desynch of hell of doom of darkness :/

And Im still wondering if CoC is calculated indep on any single proj, or if it is calculated on use only

I have a physical crit/attack speed shadow bow build and thought this skill would fit perfectly. It looks great, but frenzy is just way better if you can manage to get the mana leech required. I came expecting a ranged multistrike type skill and left unsatisfied.
my main gripe with barrage is that it shoots much less projectiles than i expected it to. I was hoping for 10 some projectiles, and then its just 4.

at 4 proj this skill has no niche it can shine. Frenzy will shoot faster, and with a 120% damage effectiveness per shot, and split arrow will spray a larger AoE damage.
I imagine this wouldn't be bad on a fast element bow(or wand) with knockback/chain/chaos damage/mana leech(or WEP)/faster attack/gmp or slower projectiles. Kite mobs that'll never reach you and use frenzy for single target and insert any bow aoe skill for mobs. Method to the madness & mings rings + voltaxic rift also come to mind with barrage.

It's just not amazing on phys build because of how armour works in this game.
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the damage is way too low even if it shoots fast. Even if i hit all arrows from point blank the damage is like 3-4 times lower than say 1 shot of split arrow. And barrage have to be up close to make all arrows hit.

If this skill is meant to be a proc skill (CoC builds) it still is very bad. There are other skills that are way better to use for proccing CoC.

Suggestion: Remove the reduced attack speed. Increase damage to 50%. Remove the cast delay.
Make it a skill that if u hold down attack button,it continues shooting until u let go of button.

For now,i can`t find use for it.
What happened to people linking the skill gem on the first page? Who cares if you're "first," link the damn gem!
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I had a wand/bow CastOnCrit build that wasn't working as expected with any skill, rare procs, low damage.

I tried Barrage in several combinations and found it most useful linked with LMP, Chain, CoC, Ice Spear (and Faster Attack or Mana Leech on 6L). It works both VS single mobs and packs. Lots of hits compared to Frenzy and quite easy to shotgun which is impossible with SplitArrow/LMP/GMP!
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