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I just got this game over the weekend and it was so fun I accrued 2 sick days due to it. Great job on making an entertaining and addictive game, and GREAT JOB on not making it look like some stupid cartoon world.

My only complaint so far is that I wish there was at least one more act in the game, I felt like the main questline was too short, fighting the final boss at the end of act 3 and finding out that she was the last was dissapointing.

I understand that there is a lot of other stuff to do and I am having a lot of fun doing it, but I would like to see at least one more act in the main questline.

Oh and also I'd like the ability to choose a boy or a girl for every class.

Other than that AWESOME job with this game I will be playing for a long time coming.
My first impression was pretty much:
and then

As for the guy above me, they're adding more acts in the future, and I believe the devs mentioned something about possibly adding male/female in the future as well, possibly as a cosmetic microtransaction.
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Halfogre wrote:
I just can say "Wow!".
This game is realy cool. And... it's free! Amazing!
Please, don't comment on patch notes asking the developers or moderators why they haven't fixed something yet. It doesn't help anyone, especially not the developers or moderators who are clearly still working on whatever it is you want fixed or changed, whether it be in-game or otherwise.
Absolutely amazing game... All the good stuff from (the-game-which-should-not-be-mentioned)
but with a contemporary twist. A community which is absolutely amazing and I try to pay my knowledge forward as kindly as it was given to me by those before me.

To all players, new and old... to the devs, thank you for a great experience! :)
Great game, but not yet perfect.

Desync is a well known problem. Looting is also a huge problem. Make the item lock timers 1 minute so melee can't ninja all the good loot, and so random grouping doesn't feel like $#!t.

The worst aspect of D2 was the loot system because it spawned a billion autoloot bots. Don't make the same mistakes.

I give Path of Exile 8/10 - higher if obvious issues are addressed.
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I would like to see this game do well, though I do see one main issue that's holding it back at least imo.

This would be the simple issue of most viable builds requiring massive amounts of health, ES, or armor/resistances, or a combination.

I'm tired of playing rangers that aren't actually rangers, Rogues that aren't actually rogues, mostly because they have enough health/armor/resistances to tank a nuke pointblank. I agree that the difficulty of the game should be increased as you progress, but something other than simply increasing enemy damage output and health pool needs to be done.

Higher difficulties in other games often meant that the enemies you were facing did have larger health pools, They did do increased damage. But it was limited within reason, what really made the encounters difficult was the additional skills these enemies would get. I do understand it's a ARPG, but I honestly think if you want to make a successful game that you break away from the norm and start doing things just a bit differently.

That isn't to say you haven't, You have orbs, and skill gems so far and they are a GREAT addition to a game like this. I just feel that after seeing so many generic ARPG's where the only answer to difficulty is increasing damage/health of the enemies you're fighting, it gets boring.

I haven't made it to merciless yet, mostly because of the issue I've stated, progression is null for trying to go even a little bit glass cannon. I however don't feel I should change my build to include some of the marauder tree's health modules, just so that I can progress on an archer, especially since they're meant to be squishy in 99% of the games you play. Even to the point in some of them that you get severe handicaps equipping heavy armor like scale, plate, full plate.

The only other issue I can see with the game so far right now is the item attributes, There are quite a few of them, Though I do feel that they're limited right now because specific attributes are limited to certain items, like belts. Which is both good and bad. It's how you have the 'Base Item' setup, You have a base item which has set attributes that it can have, and then you have only a small amount of other attributes it can have.

I would say make every attribute available to every item type(and add in more attributes), regardless of it's base item, but that would just be chaos. I'm not too sure exactly how to explain what I've been pondering about, But I do know that in a game about loot and hack n slash, I'm rarely impressed by the quantity, quality, uniqueness, and diversity of the items available. Especially since this game doesn't have gems/runes like Torchlight or Diablo does, it takes away from some of the attributes you could give your gear, like throwing a skull in your weapon for that much needed mana/life leech, or topaz for lightning damage.

Basically, from what I can see, there's a dozen unique only weapon attributes on a bow, 7 for a claw, The amount of non-unique maybe 30. This amount varies between item types, but it's pretty limited. I will say this much however, Diablo 2 at least had 120 something to choose from for gear.

Take it or leave it, This is just some feedback from a guy that lives off games.
I've just gone through prison, and I've got some opinions that I'd like to voice, please note that these are opinions, I'm not saying "Fix this now or PoE will die" - also, some of them might be addressed later in the game, but that doesn't really matter if people get to this point and then quit.

First: this is looking like a great game, I love the freedom of choice in almost every aspect of the game - that could take the game far.

But: The skill gem system, while a great idea with great potential, doesn't really work - we need better access to the basic skills - also, the gear dictated slots might need a rethink.
I myself is a great example, I started out playing my Templar pretty castery, and now I've ended up with nothing but red sockets and no cleave.

Also, the bartering system - I get the idea, story-wise the lack of currency makes sense, but then the currency items needs a hidden, interchangeable value - standing with a million Scrolls of Wisdom and not being able to buy a Rusty Blade because it costs another barter is stupid, nothing else.

Those were my 2 cents - do with them what you want.
Hi there,

First of all - this game is great, that's more or less what I expected of D3 in the first place.

But as I like the ideas and mechanics, there are some things that may eventually improve gameplay:

1. I love gem-skill system, I really do, but one small thing I'm missing is a little bit more of diversity in gem rewords on early lvls so we could start using tools (as skill tree) to make our unique builds without having at least mid-lvl main character to give as access to what we need.

1.5 Gem-skills are great but at the same time thanks to so many build possibilities they may be a little bit confusing at start, little bit better descriptions on how they work or what they gain on lvling up would be nice (at least for casual players like myself), I know that somewhere there probably is a web with all the information I need but what stands in way of having those information on main web site + some of them in game (like what gem will gain after leveling it up).

2. Targeting some monsters is sometimes rather difficult, more then I would like to, ending in my character ruining around my "target" instead of killing it.

3. Arrows connect, at least that's what animation indicate, but HP of the target dose not drop, don't know why it happens (and no, it's not hit ratio issue) as I'm able to put around 20 arrows in one target, move 1 meter in random direction and next arrow will connect properly.

Good luck there GGG, and have fun ;)
Well my first first impression is AWESOME, it is fun, the rune system is great and the passive tree looks fanastic.... looks like i can do what i want.

For all who do not like to read a lot of text skip the next paragraph, its just an explaination!

Then i played for a coupe of days and the passive tree hits... ah damn i went into the wrong direction with my character build... not enough life and not enouh resistance, well worr not, its just a couple days work to make a new char, but since i hate doing the same thing twice a completyly different build. Ok this time i put some time into planing, its to be a fast claw using char who utilizes ES. First couple of levels: awesome, but then the rng strikes, no drops whatsoever, skills just what i got from the quest since the rest were all archery-skills. Well thats just tough luck and i am going to tough it out.... or not. couple days later still no luck and gameplay turns slugish. but i got a nice amount of melee gems for swords and maces. ok you know whats comming... reroll-time. So this time planning + existing skills. That should make a nice start and yes it rocked. But now i am about to finish the 3rd act and couldn't find an upgrade to my equipment since 10 levels ago (okok, maybe it was 8 or maybe it was 11, i did not count, but fact is it was some time....). So what do i do, i try to make an upgraded weapon. I ran arround killing stuff and looking at vendors until i found a new shiny magic hammer with 2 linked red sockets and one single red socket. Ok now you are all gonne say oh no he wants off colour socket... no i didn't just wanted either a 3l or a 2x 2l, but ok i was not gonna wait anymore. Ok so first orb of scouring to make it white (my other hammer was rare and although it was 2 tiers lower it was still slightly better) and use orb of alchemy, easy enough. *poof*. And amazingly it was worse han the one i was using.... but heh i was prepared... i had an chaos orb. *poof*. and now it was even worse than the blue one in the beginning..... a-m-a-z-i-n-g. ok not nice but not unexpected.... another 3 orb of scouring and orb of chaos later, i still didn't have anything worthwhile.... so i decided to reroll again until i could be bothered to give the rng another try. but well now i have played the start level so often on normal that it is just plain boring... so i am stuck again.
Ok this now sounds like a typical 'i am anoyed at the rng and if you do not give me the uber-gear free i will quit post' and the hardcore (or m ore hardcore than me players) will say oh but i spent 23423684865375 chaos orbs just to get my uber-weapon-of-ultimate-mass-suicide but still didn't get, thats not wha my example is about. i just want to say that i believe the game has a problem in giving the player a feeling of progress. rng is important in this kind of game, as well as currency sinks, BUT why oh why does it have to be so extreme? or why is there no option of locking parts of it in? some players said that the orbs should just change one effect... or maybe a system like the chaos orbs change always 2 efects and you can choose which.... or there is a progression list which some orbs move up and others down.... there are a ton of nice ideas that might with some tweaking give the player more of a 'being rewarded' feeling (i am not saying that it shoud give me stuff on a golden platter, but please o not faceslap me with something completly uncontrolable, where i get the feeling of being punished for investing time).

I think it is a great game, which utilizes a lot of interesting game machanics. BUT it still needs lot of rough work, since it is from my point of view not yet at the point where it can be polished.
My pluses are:
+Skillgem and supportgemsystem
+currency that is its own currency sink
+very customizable builds
My minuses are:
-not enough explanation(took me ages to realize the mechanics behind liveleech... a tooltip
would have spared me so much pain....)
-the passive tree could use some weeding out. it is just too cluttered
-a lot of the time you feel punished by the rng
-lootsystem. free for all is not fun its anarchy ;)

and as a last point, does anyone else need to unlock their account at least once per day, because the system thinks you have moved your pc to a different location?

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