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First impression is like most games that have a monetary option, the forums need a massive genetic cleansing of mutants that seem to think paying money gives them license to type utter gibberish and just troll everything in sight. It's almost Star Trek Online awful in here.

My personal favourite was the thread claiming that enemies out of ambush boxes don't give any experience even though 1 minute of actual research will prove they do, in a lump sum, the moment you kill off the last one from a box.
Hi im a lvl 91 blender duelist in standard league,

My first impressions of this update are:

Love the new creeps and the new mods on them.
Love the shrines (they give a fun temporary aspect)
Love idea of corrupted areas - hate the implementation (too low map fragment drop rate on rarer like midnight and noon).
Love the idea behind corrupted gems - but hate the concept that they rarely can be used and then end up in the bank cuz they are taking up extra slots in gear.

Love the idea of using Vaal Orbs, however it seems steep that there are possible really negative effects meaning you could potentially loose a legacy item that would cost hundreds of exalts.

So although there are possitives in this patch my overall feeling is that the things that have been done right are lacking and leaves endgame players with their usual maps.

it leaves a little yet to be improved - hoping to see a quick patch to fix these issues.
my first impression. GG forcing people to use searing bond. Kinda pointless to make the only viable attacking build require 400ex worth of mirrored claws.
bdenpaka wrote:

I haven't been this excited to play an ARPG since the D2 LoD days! I think GGG has a solid game that will bring a huge community, and so long as the management stays interactive and proactive throughout the rest of it's life, I think it will be a successful game.

Path of Exile has gotten me hooked, and I'll be here for a long time to come.

Based on first impressions thus far:

I have three builds I enjoyed playing in domination and after about 10-12 weeks into domination I had finally figured out how to acquire some of the orb currency that had eluded me in the past.

I was so excited about the upcoming patch and new stuff, I even invited a couple friends to play in the new Ambush league, showed them the game in standard during the week prior to the expansion release and the four of us hit the ground running on Wednesday.

Well my first build: "Solvyn's Lazy Pally" was hit like most builds due to the life wheel and the life and mana leach tweek, so after 30 levels, I decided to step over to try my Incinerate build and found that she too was tweaked enough that now the better option was to try it from the witch launching station, so I put together the build and after almost 20 levels with her it just didn't feel right. I am now working on the Duelist Blender build, currently level 17 and I can say without reservation, POE does not have that excitement edge I had come to enjoy over the last 20 months of playing.

The strong boxes and corrupted stuff -- I like and enjoy.


No threats or rants but hey guys, the overall health node changes and life/mana leach stuff I mentioned above, well it's kinda like the Seattle Mariners ---> Swing and a Miss !!!!

Here's a novel idea, how about a 15% life bonus gained if and only if all 8 life nodes taken in the health wheel. You could do similar to the Energy Shield & Evasion wheels if you think it has merit. Maybe even roll back the life/mana concerns 93 out of 100 players are talking about.

For those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.

USMC - Vietnam 1967 - 1968 - 1969
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The new invasion league is interesting and definitely challenging as you have no idea what some of the skill they have really until you face them. For example, the one below, Bladeback Guardian, ended up killing my 1st character due to its "fire nova" skill when I got close to it. As it was still early game when I encountered it, I had no fire resist so I ended up alt+f4ing. However, surprisingly that didn't work as my character still ended up dead despite not seeing the resurrect popup so I'm guessing with the new patch, there has been delays with alt+f4 since it usually works for me back in nemesis.

On another note, the nerf to vaal pact and its repositioning is pretty weird since its closest to scions who don't really use it often. The 40% effectiveness also makes it hard for people in hardcore to make use of it without the risk of dying, just my two cent.
So maybe this is the wrong thread, but I've noticed that since SotV was released I'm getting much much more frequent disconnections from the server than I was before the release. It makes me really nervous about using any good maps, because it's such a waste if I'm just going to get disconnected from the server halfway through the map and not get a chance to finish it. Anyone else having this experience?

We're getting a faster internet connection in 9 days time, hopefully that will help to resolve it, but it's not like the existing connection is bad or anything (adsl 2+, 10mbit down 1mbit up), so I'm a little worried that it might not.
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I control a Shadow at the moment at level 28 in standard league...
My first impression of the game is awesome. I came from the Diablo series, and to be sincere I found this game very similar to Diablo II but with more style and with the passive skills tree that is simply amazing...

I had to understand a lot more of this game, the leagues and the other modalities but...

My first impression on scale from 0 to 10 is 9...

Take care!

Thamk you very much!

PS: I really respect the idea that is a real free to play game and I've purchased an enhancement for my claw just because I think that you deserve it for supporting your effort...

Just deleted level 68 char with 0 regrets...awesome game indeed. Keep it on !
Hello! I haven't been around for too long, but I do enjoy the game quite a bit to the point where I wonder why I have all these other games on my laptop and am seriously considering removing them just to get more space. While I do love the Invasion league despite losing three characters there, I do have one concern which serneno brought up above me. Bladeback Guardian wiped out my attempt at a tank build for a Marauder within a couple seconds despite him being level 11 at the time. Seriously, I pretty much died in the time it took me to blink.

I'd been in the area looking for some of the Corrupted Zones since I hadn't ran into any on my first run through up to the Ledge. I'm just wondering if it's supposed to be able to deal that much damage that quickly since anything else I've ran into, even other Unique Invaders, never dealt anywhere near that close. Perhaps there's a chance that particular ability is buggy? I don't know and still plan on running Invasion as I have a lot of fun there, but I thought I might help spread word about the ability.

That said and done, I wish everyone good luck and happy hunting!

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