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mimeosd wrote:

Next, since I`ve been playing witch almost whole time, I`d say in 0.10 it got really really nerfed down, almost to nothing,

the witch is still good just need a bit different build try ci some goos energy shield evasion gear with iron reflexes that evasion get converted to amor together with discharge. when u got a lot of energy shield nodes with both nullifications and a lot of amor you have fast energy shield recover and amor to run into enemys to discharge. and thats just 1 build you could try with the new tree. i think if you take your time you can find several good builds for the witch she is defently not weak. she was op in ob with like 8000 energy shield killing everything in pvp
Thank the POE staff!
This game has exceeded my expectations! It is well put together from the difficulty to the customization. The in game support and customer service is simply awesome. I have not seen anything like it in all my years gaming...going back to when EverQuest was first released. I've beta'd most RPG games that have come out since and this has been the smoothest with most attention paid to player feedback. BZ guys. And keep up the good work.
I think PoE is a good game with the potential to be great.

I like the style of environment and creatures. I like parts of the music. The passive skill tree seems to be a great idea. It is fun to play.

I really really am annoyed of being able to click on my comrads and minions. In Group fights i cant aim at the monsters correctly and if there is only a single target but 5 comrads and/ or minions this gets even worse. I really dont see the need of this feature and i hate it. I do. If you must implement it, at least ... no just cut it out, it is annoying as hell, just get rid of it.
Haven't gotten to play much of the game yet, but so far it looks great. The skill system looks like it has a lot of depth to it.

Only complaint, the gameplay with the witch seems a little jerky right now. It is difficult to pull the ol' cast-n-go. She likes to stay in one spot to cast her spells. I would like to be able to run around a little easier while I cast.

Otherwise, great so far. Keep it up!
Just started to play first time and I think GGG have done a great job. A few minor issues which I think might help the gameplay in mho, apologies if they have been posted before or don't apply to other ppl.

1) Maps, the maps are either too transparent in well lit areas or too solid in dark areas, specially in caves where the wall texture on the map is just a big patch of purple covering the screen.I know I can adjust map transparency, but I would prefer not having to go to option whenever I go from well lit to a darker environment. Not sure if it can be done but may be auto dim maps in darker area and change the texture representing walls on the map?

2) Some disconnects on first day, but have greatly improved, good stuff.

3) sometimes I find it hard to look for skills in the skill panel screen, may be do the highlight similar skills like you already have on the website?

4) also not sure why, but sometimes I use a town portal to get back to town and use a waypoint from the previous area and walk back to the area I used town portal, the area where I used the town portal resets?
5) I know this issue has been brought up before, but please give the option of not selecting your own summons, with the background map n fire storm and fire traps, it is impossible to see anything on the screen already, throw in your own summons and other ppl's summon its just too messy.

Have to say none of these are big issues so I am very happy with the game as is.
First impressions on Shadow (currently Level 20):

Almost everything seems fine so far, except getting started. It's hard because there are no hints what is going on and the start feels a bit slow, but after getting a bit movement speed and attack speed it is getting better.

What I don't understand is the reset of zones after a couple of minutes of not being there. In my opinion it's just wrong... it forces the player to go on fast. You can't even port to town, relax a bit, take a nice shit and go on, no, because the zone gets resetted ...

Another negative aspect: The lack of damage dealing AoE-Skills for low-level shadows. The only one I got is Rain of Arrows so far, which requires switching to a bow ... but I don't want to be a half-ranger ... I want to be a half rouge/half mage, that's why I created a shadow.

But all in all the game starts to really interest me, I played from 1 to 20 without a break. Not bad...

Edit: oh and floating battle texts would be really nice ... and little health bars with HP numbers over the heads of the mobs ... numbers are awesome, numbers are your friends, don't hide them..
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First impressions on Duelist (Level 16):

Oh my god, what have u done to me? I'm already addicted! My first impression so far is great. It feels to start ab bit different than I know it from Diablo, but it feels good. After playing many hours yesterday, I'd say its the experience i missed in Diablo 3 so far. I heard a few of my friends saying that the perspective from the camera is not as good, but I cant agree that by my self. The graphics are exhilarate new and fresh! The game play seems fine so far, even the drop rate seems pretty cool to me!

BUT I have one point that really annoys me! You have done that damn huge skill tree, I think it's so awesome! Why I can't reskill as I wish? Specially in the first levels, there will be done mistakes and Later I would love to try some new skill sets. I heard there are orbs who can do that, but are extremely rare. So please GGG, think about that point. Maybe I can buy it in the Shop(real money), or in the city, I don't even care. But please make it available that it is possible to reskill when I wish it as a player! That would be a huge deal for me and my later experience in the game. I would love to hear your response on that point. I think I can't be the only one with that problem.

Go on, with your good work.

First impression is that the game is really ugly with respect to character design, tile sets, lighting and palettes. I have a high-end gaming PC and everything is turned up to max, BTW.

Second impression, after playing through the weekend is this: what is the point of this game? I think to study the passive tree and come up with interesting builds. That's fine, if you like that. But then you have to take your creation and play it through the world, and that's where this game fails.

Size does not equal Content.

To much Randomness makes everything the Same.
Good Game! Very glad to play it. But i have some question: Why characters does not wear PANTS? May be gamecreators have some capabilities to add this piece of clothes in game?
Respects GGG! THX for great game!
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Great game, so addictive. For a long long time i didn't get so much fun from game. Awesome job
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