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Massive item drops including six socket items but for items needed such as six -linked- items that have the right color combinations. Important items need to to be purchased through third party websites $$. By the time something important drops the value of it in the trade room has dropped as well. So one needs to pay to play the developer as well as third party websites. Not a game I would recommend for those who work or go to school. The necessary amount of time reading and researching is not practical for those with a real life or a tight budget.

I have no objection to pay the developers to a degree but the -need- for third party websites is concerning.

If you have the money and time to spend what and who you are funding through third party websites is a mystery and a gamble.

Buyer beware. If a game is that complicated that an average pedestrian can't play there is a reason. Note there has been nothing said about 'winning'. The simple act of participation is a challenge that might not be considered reasonable and or equitable for an average household.

It would have been a lot more fun to say this game works.

Qarl wrote:

We have a lot of first impression posts at the moment, and I can't individually address them, but thanks! How people interact and experience the game the first time is important to us. If the feedback is negative, special thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts! We much prefer getting feedback than not.

Existing players: we appreciate your thoughts too, but please don't flame the people providing negative opinions about their first impressions. It may well be because they don't understand something you do, but we need to know what those things are.

I want to give you feedback on the current challenge league (Incursion):
- good thing: its awesome - really great idea, and perhaps the only league so far that requires some thinking to get around. Puts your brain to work, not just your fingers
- bad thing: the default incursion start time is too short - far too short, even breaches lasted longer. For a starting low level character that can do only low damage, and that has to waste time travelling between packs, it just isn't enough time. And just think about builds that deal damage over time, like blight or caustic arrow ones. For them, it's even worse.
- recommandation: be sure to add the Incursion content to the main game, I'm sure most people will enjoy it, just like they did with the breach league. Or at least with the abyss one.
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It's a cool mechanic. The biggest balance consideration I think is the number of incursions you get. 11 seems like a really low number and makes the "switch to a different room" a kind of bad unless you're fine with a tier 1 room. The chance of upgrading to tier 3 seems low enough already. On the other hand, increasing the number of incursions may put some people off also if they just want to run the temple apex faster.

I'm looking at the challenges again and one of them is to get tier 3 of every room. The low number of incursions and the inability to change what room Alva picks (I think, I've skipped Alva a couple of times but she keeps directing me to the same room) that challenge looks like it could be a shitshow.
- Great balance changes. Crap skills (like ele hit) are now worth using
- Many Vaal skills are now usable, especially during boss fights
- Nice rework of skills and nice visuals

- TEMPLE TIMER IS TOO SHORT FFS!! This league is hell for anyone with a clunky slower clear speed.
Axxehole wrote:
I am a new player. Been here less than 2 weeks. Let me start by saying that I have mostly enjoyed this game. The storyline is good, the gameplay pretty smooth, and the boss fights are extremely challenging.

But there some things I'm not keen on. For one, where's the auction/barter house? For a game that promotes trading among players (evidenced by the plethora of drops you get that are not suited at all to the build/class you are currently in}, there's no place for it except on a third party site that isn't user friendly at all to new players. Second, what's up with all of the one shot mechanics? It's frustrating to not even get a chance to figure out what's going on when you get one shotted by things. There's no way to look at a combat log to find out what killed you to learn how to avoid it. I have died soooooooooooooooooooooo many times to one shot mechanics that it's not even surprising anymore. I am to the point where I'm more surprised when I'm not the victim of a one shot than when I am. Third, the experience loss. Come on guys. This was taken out of games after all the complaints by its player base in EQ. What's the point of experience loss other than to irritate your player base? Especially with all of the one shot mechanics I previously mentioned. Fourth, why is character progression locked behind completing the Labyrinth? I HATE this place with a passion and don't find it fun or engaging. I was almost level 70 before I was able to complete the level 55 labyrinth for the first time. I was almost 50 before I was able to complete it for the very first time. Getting booted back to town and having to go inside again is disheartening. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if it bumped you back a room or 2 or was shorter. When I completed it for the first time ever, I felt completely drained and had a headache. The entire definition of game is "fun" and having something in the game that blocks progression and is nigh impossible to complete at the appropriate level is the exact opposite. Fifth, why is there no recommended level for maps? I have done 2 of them and the experience was awful. On the first map, I was one shotted by things until I only had one portal remaining. I barely made it to the end boss of the map and he didn't even drop a rare item. Really?! The second map, I didn't even get to complete. It was a dungeon map and I got utterly destroyed. Managed to get 2 rare item drops before all portals were exhausted and like much of the loot I have gotten before, useless.

I'm by no means a novice to games. I have been a gamer since my Atari 2600 in 1978. Now that I have completed Act 10, I don't know what to do. The maps are impossible and gear doesn't seem to be dropping that I can use when I go back to earlier acts. Trading doesn't seem to be an option since I have to go to a third party site to do that. The Trade channel is full of "bots" it seems and apparently not used to actually trade items that are useful. EVERY answer when asking if something is worth trading is met with "poe trade". The thing these individuals don't understand is that site is not user friendly AT ALL for new players.

My initial first impression of the "end game" here is that absolutely no thought is given in how to attract/keep new players playing. All of the "end game" content seems to be geared towards those individuals that have already been playing for years. When asking for guidance from other players in how to proceed, am met with "git gud". I know I'm probably in the minority here but this is MY observation.

Not in the minority, my experience has been mostly the same, came back after a long time playing to 3.1, gave up at level 48 due to one shot mechanics that don't mix with this type of game. They just cater most of the game to the 0.01% reddit echo chamber who's life is the game and since it's a free to play game a large chunk of first timers just remove the game without posting since nothing was lost
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I'm back with bestiary add-on after more than year. When Bestiary has nice start at act 1 and huge downhill in act 2-3, Incursion fell like running in a deep thick mud. I try second character now, and honestly I'm fight myself to play it. Even worse, is too time-consuming especially when you not get good connection between temple rooms. Feel like waste of time when your incursion went bad and been punish harder and sever when exploring temple. Trash.
For now league feels good. There are no nets anymore WOOOHOHOHOO
But in incursions and temple im lagging more than before. Sometimes it feels like 2 harbringers + beyond at my screen in flashback
I didn't post any impression since I started the game but I sure do love the game. I'm quite "disapointed" by the current league. It's well programmed and explained in game, that's a positive change regarding previous leagues.

But on the negative down side is :
1/ servers are laggy at peak hour now (it might be due to the new loading of instances without loading screen)
2/ temple and incursions are just not worth it (if you dont aim for double corruption). Absolutly not worth it weither about loot or exp. The risk/reward isn't worth it compared to map, laby or any other breach/council/whatever. I followed the discussion, the news, I conducted my own researches, ran about 20 full temple at map level and I'm now sure that if loot/exp tables are not changed (and change displayed in logs) I won't dive in any incursion or temple anymore. I mean, that is fun, but my life is not extensible and incursion is less fun, have far less progression than the rest of the game now.

/feedback of an average gamer, that usually don't make that much noise

(oh yeah I forgot : seriously, balancing ? even malthi can't keep cool and use big words)
So far I love this mechanic, the only issue that rises for me is dropping into an incursion and being instagibbed without room for retort.

Please add a option to hide the XP BAR.... really drains the play motivation and allot of other factors as well ,some people have high blood pressure etc

Thank you
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