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xByakuei wrote:
i don't receive my event reward ( carnage heart onyx amulet) even when i already exceed the amount of point needed for it and i already reach it for few day already

Are you checking your Hardcore stash and not your default one?
Sorry for my English, because I'm Russian player.
If there is not written, ask the moderators to throw my post in the right section, I'm just not very good at foreign forum =))
My talk will focus on the possible error in stone additions.
In this screenshot We can see in my shoes is a socket Blood Rage, which gives certain bonuses and last for 11 seconds.

Next, I want to insert an additional socket Inscreaced Duration, which prolongs the duration of your skill by 54%

We see it on this screenshot
Additional socket is in boots and it really prolongs my Blood Rage effect and as a result it lasts 18 seconds instead of 11

But here's the Problem ...
As we know the Blood Rage when killing creep updated.
And it updates the time is not extended, as if we do not cost extra socket Inscreaced Duration and he does not act 18 seconds, and 11.

If this is the way it should be, I do not understand the meaning of this additional socket =))I think this is a mistake and it should govern.It would be logical if the buff updated on as much time as it would be with an additional socket.
Please unsubscribe about this problems administrator or moderator of the tester, will rule it or not. I understand that you have a lot of work and I'm in no hurry edits, but would like to know the answer.

Thank you for your attention, respectfully player DeathGait!!!
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Good evening,

my account is still not verified, even so I pressed the verificationlink (on my iPhone). I can't send another Email to my adress (botton misses on accountpage). I can play and everything, just wanted to say that its strange.

Hi, I write this post in hope that someone will answer after finding a solution, as i'm really eager to try this game out : )

I live in central Europe [Poland] end have experienced EXTREMELY slow download rates. I literally let the client on for the 12 hours straight and got less than 2% of 5GB file. I then downloaded game in version 0.10.0b from the pirate bay [] but I'm still left with around 1,5 GB of patch files to download. Which, at the current rate of between 0 B/s [yes, the download is NOT progressing most of the time at all] and 500B/s [the top speed, from time to time for several minutes] will take forever.

Is there anything I can do to make it faster? [I'm sure I have no firewall blocking this connection, or any program at all that I can think of interfering with it in any way.]

EDIT: I have found the answer! It appears that I had 2 local area connections turned on on my computer, although only one of them was actually connected to the internet. When I simply right clicked on the one that I was not using and turned it off, my download speed instantly returned to the normal value! ^^
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Hi all.First sry for my Bad basic Enlish:-)I have a problem when i will spawn in a found Map the ich cras for the Destop with an Eror Message.
Hope you see the Picture.I have start Pach Check exe,no Problems found.V-Scan system clean.Hope you can help me:-)
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If packcheck didn't fix the problem, then you'll need to delete/rename your content.ggpk file and re-download the whole thing if you don't have a backup.

If you're on Windows 7+, you can try right-clicking the Content.ggpk file and see if there are any options to repair or restore a previous version. If so, you can use that to rollback to a prior file and save yourself a lot of download time.

If not, then you'll be forced to download the whole content.ggpk file again (which is about 6GB large).
Hello, i have got a problem, when i travel to some location, game fall and write this error bad allocation.. sorry for my english and thank you for help :)
2 months of exact agony as you guys are now undergoing... this sucks!
I have a question. Every time I kill Vaal on cruel difficulty the game crashes. I am tired of killing the same boss over and over again just to have the same thing happen. Isn't this an important issue considering it's happening to everyone. What good is a game when you can't progress? Because of stupid crap happening that should have been fixed in beta. Is anyone trying to fix this problem?? I want to keep playing but not if this keeps happening.

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