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fOR now is ok, finaly can play, ThX!
changing my shortcut target should help with my issue (crashes when entering chamber of sins) except you dont explain how to find the shortcut target...mine doesnt look like the one you posted and theres nothing labeled 'target' or shortcut target' ive checked the properties of both my desktop shortcut for poe and the exe under steam/steamapps/common. what am i doing wrong?

edit: guess thats because im using the steam version-im trying now to just set -gc 1 in the launch options through steam. for anyone who doesnt already know, you just right-click the game in your library, click properties, then click 'set launch options'.

edit2: also going to try -swa for software sound, if previous fix doesnt work.

(also, i didnt get this crash at all: the -ogg sound file, spiders/undead error when entering chamber of sins- until the last update. unsure what changed. verify game cache, and using the packchecker.exe dont work btw.)

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Hello i cant make a shop since its says error everytime what can i do?
hi ! I have ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2300 and when i want open game, gives me an error. I have a new drivers... All is in the pictures
horifaydo wrote:
Game Freeze at The Chamber of Sins Level 1 enterence
Error is "audio/Sound Effects/Chests/Pots/PotBreak09.ogg": Decoded no data
Another error is ;
"Metadata/Monster/Spiders/SpiderScale2@19":Decoded no data
Aboce errors are from base Class; Audio/Sound Effects/MonsterSound/Spiders/SpiderWalk1.loop.ogg"
MVC++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! and shutdown exe.

I was verify Content.ggpk with PackCheck.exe but same error. And I deleted Content.ggpk and download again with Steam.

I cant play "The Chamber of Sins Level 1" and cant pass next mission.

This is the exact problem I have except for me it is a few zombie sounds. I did the pack check and it says the file is good. But, I reinstalled anyway just to be sure. I downloaded directly from the launcher after deleting the ggpk file. I will try steam to see if that helps. Regardless, it is nice to know I am not the only one having this issue.

Found a fix for this. I had to add a run option --softwareaudio to the executable. This fixed the issue completely. Zone even load a fraction faster.
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I currently play the game through steam, and while not doing anything I verified a new e-mail through steam, and then linked my steam to here. Meanwhile I was logged in to the game the whole time. Well went back to the game and started farming picked up and item and seconds later got a game crash. Ok no biggie its happened before so go to reload the client and log in all my characters are gone. Please help
Trying to talk with a friend ingame but he cant see my messages to him, other people cant see them either. What's going on?
IGN: STMakky
So of all the bugs you're aware of, where the is the information on how to deal with the desync? Why is there no fix inbuilt in the game? What kind of fucking madness is this when you think its a good tradeoff to suddenly appear in the middle of a mob of fucking assholes in a room you haven't entered yet? Oh, but now you're fucking dead and guess what, SUCK SHIT XP BAR YOU'RE GOING DOWN because we decided to penalize you for our own bad programming. So getting moved to a random spot on the map encourages me to keep playing how? Seems like the dumbest safeguard against hacking since D2s epic warden fail.

Are you fucking joking me, Diablo 2 didn't have desync this bad. You might wonder, is this guy mad? Well, you fucking bet your ass I'm mad. I've died too many fucking times and it wasn't lag, it was fucking DEYSNC. FUCK YOU GGG. YOU SUCK BALLS. This game had potential, but then you bring out the desync.
""""Metadata/Monster/Spiders/SpiderScale2@19":Decoded no data Aboce errors are from base Class; Audio/Sound Effects/MonsterSound/Spiders/SpiderWalk1.loop.ogg" And MVC++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! and shutdown exe...""""""""""

This error message related with sound card or soundcard drivers(update). I think soundcard didnt render some of .ogg sound files. I changed my soundcard and resolve all "Decoded no data" problems.
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