Vaal Spark

RIP Vaal Spark. LMP & GMP affect this gem by additive not multiplicative.
I played a perma Vaal Sparker late warbands using a bunch of Sacrificial Harvest jewels and Call of the Brotherhood + Chill of Corruption.

It works wonders in an open area like Dried Lake, easily charging up the next Vaal Spark before the original is finished.

However, i'm looking to increase the duration (or distance i can cover while sparking) for indoor maps with dead ends. Does anyone know of other ways than increasing movement speed?

For instance i'm wondering what the Atziri's Reign duration-increase will do for Vaal Spark, will it only increase the individual sparks duration making them travel further, or will it also increase the spacing in between releasing sparks, as such extending the time Vaal Spark lasts?
(It doesnt seem that the Increased Duration support or the Scion passive clusters work for this purpose btw).

I'm also unsure whether lowering my cast speed could work for this. It doesnt seem so for me testing with Spell Echo or Faster Casting either.

If so that leaves move speed/onslaught and similar as the only option. Is that indeed all?
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Duration is duration; if the passives do not do what you want, then neither will Atziri's Reign.
RIP Vaal Spark. LMP & GMP affect this gem by additive not multiplicative. (2)
Thats n/c.
RIP Vaal Spark. LMP & GMP affect this gem by additive not multiplicative. (2)
Thats n/c.
thats why people use fork...
I personally can't wait till this vaal gem is as useless as other vaal gems in ascendancy.

GMP/LMP and VAAL JEWEL Nerfs aside; Vaal Spark is extremely efficient when you have 10~30exalts wrapped around your character. With this said I'm sure It'll get nerfed again, and again, until it's a Vaal Glacial Hammer of it's former self and not worth wasting resources on.. or even using at all; IE what eventually happens to everything that's ever been efficient in this game.

you know it's true

see Armor NERF
see Evasion NERF
see ES NERF phase 2
see Aura NERF
see Max Resistance NERF
see Shock Stacking Nerf
see Block NERF
see Acrobatics NERF
see Kaom's Heart NERF
see Max Resistance NERF phase 2
see Crit Multi NERF
see Shavronne's Wrappings NERF
see Purity NERF <max resistance phase 3>
see Cast on Crit NERF
see Acrobatics NERF phase2
see Lightning Coil NERF
see ES NERF phase 3
see Cast on Crit NERF phase 2
see Max Resistance NERF phase 4
see Life NERF
see ES BUFF? :O :)
see ES NERF Phase 4 :(
see COMPLETELY pointless Mace/Stun NERF
see Aura Destruction NERF
see Life Leech NERF
see Eldrith Battery NERF
see Arctic Armour NERF
see "Ondar's Guile" Arrow Dancing* NERF
see Prolif NERF
see Surgeon Flask NERF
see Shotgunning NERF
see Jewel NERF
see Blasphemy Insta-NERF
see fun-allowed NERF

wait and see...
Shadow Assassin Ascendancy NERF
Witch Necromancer Ascendancy NERF

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