Vaal Molten Shell

This is a good Vaal skill. Good Vaal skills do one of two things: either help deal with powerful threats by killing them quickly, or help deal with them by providing some form of defense or utility. This provides a surprising amount of utility — unlike the normal Molten Shell, the Armour always lasts the entire duration — and it does a good chunk of extra damage as well.
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Mine seems bugged, it cuts off after just 2-3 seconds. Could my CwdT Molten Shell somehow be affecting it? You can have Vaal Molten and normal Molten up at the same time right?

Edit: Ah looked in bug reports and this is intended. Damn not really sure I want to give up the trigger just for a once and a while Vaal skill.
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Thoughts on CwDT + Knockback in conjunction with this?
McHearty [Poison Arrow Bow Dualist | LVL43] (Legacy)
McHearty wrote:
Thoughts on CwDT + Knockback in conjunction with this?

No. You want things to hit you to trigger the explosions. What you are suggesting makes little to no sense to me.

This is best activated manually as well while inside a huge crowd or fighting a boss in melee range.

My 4 link: Increased dur + fire pen + increased aoe. Life leech is also a good choice.

Fun skill to use. Grab skill duration increasing passives if you are using this a lot.

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Ok, can anyone confirm if blocked hits activate the shell? or only hits that hit?

I'd really love to know about

1) Does blocking trigger this gem?
2) Does crit get rolled only when you cast the gem, or for each time it's triggered?
@Moylin (Beyond)
1. Yes.
2. Same as literally every other Skill, it's rolled per Skill activation.
this gem causes screen lockups under some situations...

last one killed me museum map boss... turn on the skill walk in and BOOM

so many triggers of this skill gem the entire display locked up for several seconds and when it cleared almost everything was dead including me lol

they may need a cooldown on this like the one on trigger gems to prevent these lockups that occur in situations where you have a dozen monsters attacking at a high rate of speed.

mine does 7k damage per hit so even a 50ms cooldown would be 140k maximum dps and would probably stop the freezing screen and still be plenty OP
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Does the "skill effect duration" passives affect the skill?
shanepaw123 wrote:
Does the "skill effect duration" passives affect the skill?

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