Vaal Immortal Call

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to kill 96 mobs in order to to get one immortal call for some seconds is just out of my mind.

forgoing normal immortal call thru dozens of mobs just so I can use the vaal verson against a few more?

what is wrong with using it normally while collecting souls for the vaal version?

it completely destroyed my 20/20 gem.
difference is a little longer duration and immunity to ALL damage, not just physical.
Aye, again this is a case of way too many souls for what it is worth. The gem SHOULD be something like.. half the duration, and taking like 30 souls.

This would make you have like 4 seconds (max charges, duration gem, leveled 20% gems) every minute or two.

This would keep its viability in a 4L cry/immortal/duration/CWDT combo, without only going off once per map.

96 souls is just ludicrous.

I would prefer it to be something worth using, like 60 Souls - Double Duration - Immune to everything?
Think about it this way... clear map, used increased duration vaal immortal call on boss, kill boss in 20 seconds ignoring all damage?

Glass cannon builds~
how come the change from immunity to all damage -> can't die wasn't documented anywhere? this is very frustrating.
why not working with "cast when damage taken" ?
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why not working with "cast when damage taken" ?

Still needs to meet soul req for Cast when triggers... or does it still not work even with the req met?
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Re: Interaction betweeen Immortal Call and Vaal Immortal Call, my opinion is these should not override each other nor share cooldowns. They are materially different skills.

Here is an example of where VIC can be useful:

Here is an example of the same setup as the above but with an IC on CWDT also:

You can clearly see that IC goes off on the Vaal Smash but VIC remains uncast, and I die.

VIC is bad enough with its requirement for 96 souls (and linking with CWDT even at level 20 is unreliable since the CWDT counter seems to have no timer.. so you can't tune the CWDT skill level for large hits.)

At the end of the day there's no way to fit VIC into an end game build in light of these conflicts with IC.

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