Vaal Power Siphon

my crit ele wander uses no-link. in open maps it is DEVASTATING. falls short in closed crypt like maps due to low target count. but open maps == cast that refills itself..

if it happrns to crit..

very good skill even unsupportes
habbey wrote:
bjarky wrote:
Yup, just saw in Nugi's stream as well, with chain only one projectile seemed to chain, the rest of the projectiles acted as if there was no chain linked to it.
Must be a bug.

Yup, this is my experience too. Chain is certainly bugged :(

I think fork is bugged too. It seems the projectiles don't split, but just fly off in a weird direction. I find it hard to see what is really going on since the projectiles fly so fast.
How dows this one interact with dual weild? Alternates wands? If yes then does it register only the order by which this skill is used, or teh order of which wand was used last regarless of skill?
bump. chain still wont work.
This is a mediocre Vaal skill. Good Vaal skills do one of two things: either help deal with powerful threats by killing them quickly, or help deal with them by providing some form of defense or utility. This doesn't provide utility, and the single-target DPS is poor; it does, however, have very strong AoE DPS.

Outside of the aforementioned Chain bug, I feel this skill is fine as-is in terms of its effect. However, since it's AoE and not single-target, keeping the soul cost on this skill low and manageable is very important. I believe the souls per use should be reduced to match Vaal Burning Arrow.
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wrong post
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Is chain still not working?
Can we get some lovin on chain soon?
I'm pretty sure (based off comparing damage with / without Chain), that Chain does work with this skill.

EDIT: Actually, with further testing I'm kinda getting mixed results. I can definitely see it chaining at times, but it feels like there's a lot of situations where it should be chaining that it's not. Very strange behaviour.

EDIT2: Looks like it does chain properly. I tested with a 240FPS video at May want to Save As though, for some reason streaming it seems insanely slow while saving it is fast.
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Is there a way to increase range of the projectiles? i mean the overall aoe of the VPS, so you can cover a greater range. I thought maybe projectile speed would allow them to fly longer. I have not tested anything but i was thinking about doing a VPS build.

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