Vaal Ice Nova

I used this last challenge league (rampage) on my cold witch up to lvl 75 or so if i remember right.

It was superb for quickly clearing boxes and shrines. Also hard to resist the temptation to no clear out huge packs whenever i saw one :)

I used this in a 4 link with: vaal ice nova + increase aoe + added cold + cold pen.

The only reason i dropped it was because i didn't have enough gem slots for it late game (around level 75 if my memory serves me)

The perfect companion for a cold caster imo. Great skill and fun to use.
There's no point to this skill.

Much like Vaal Fireball, Vaal Arc, and Vaal Lightning Warp, all it's good for is clearing a single white pack.

Any decent skill setup will have a 5 or 6 linked main skill that will clear packs faster than these Vaal skills can.

Are they deliberately intended by cynical games designers to be noob traps that lead to players getting killed if they waste their time/gem slots on these awful skills?
It's worth noting that +2 maps are a dangerous thing.
They can cause players to get out of their depth -
playing maps that are too hard for the items they currently have. Herp Derp.
Please post new feedback for this skill gem here -
Please email if you need any assistance!

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