Vaal Rain of Arrows

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Assume not many/if any use this because Vaal Burning arrow has such a low soul req?
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And because this is hopelessly pointless.
It's worth noting that +2 maps are a dangerous thing.
They can cause players to get out of their depth -
playing maps that are too hard for the items they currently have. Herp Derp.
It's like an AoE Bear Trap, good for kiting certain dangerous Packs/Bosses..

Which is what Vaal Skills should be used for, defense.
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Sheriff_K wrote:
It's like an AoE Bear Trap, good for kiting certain dangerous Packs/Bosses..

Which is what Vaal Skills should be used for, defense.

Have you gotten good results out of it? I'm planning to make an archer... deciding between this and Vaal Burning Arrow+LMP combo. Because the Vaal Burning Arrow is high dmg and low soul count

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I suppose putting increased duration and increased aoe on it would work nicely. Seems to work on all mobs so far including uniques.

All in all it's pretty nice support skill for kiting hard packs or rares and gives you a chance to escape or throw a few free shots in. The amount of souls required is not too high imo.
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The player's own knockback seems to ignore the effect of the skill. Monsters are pushed back when hit with other knockback skills.

I don't know if this is a bug or intended, but it would seem a weird choice for what actually is the entire flavor of the skill. I mean, builds which rely on knockback (puncture maybe) would not be using this sill in the first place I imagine, they would want the mobs to move. In the rest of the cases, an accidental knockback would negate the skill's strong point.
This is a mediocre Vaal skill. Good Vaal skills do one of two things: either help deal with powerful threats by killing them quickly, or help deal with them by providing some form of defense or utility. This provides great utility as an AoE Bear Trap, even if the damage isn't that great.

The only thing holding this skill back is how it's difficult to stockpile multiple charges, and how many souls each use costs. This skill's soul and use-stacking should be changed to match Vaal Burning Arrow.
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One crucial limitation of this skill is that it doesn't seem to work with mobs that have movement skills (leap slam, whirling blades, lightning warp etc.) This is one fatal flaw since monsters like frogs, goatmen, Torr Olgosso etc. are very real threats to a bow user.

In situations where it works well it isn't actually that necessary. With decent movement speed most mobs could be kited even without this skill.
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