Vaal Rain of Arrows

On the top of my "worst vaal gems ever".
Too many souls, too low dmg, too short pin duration, especially useless vs unique bosses.

I suggest a total redo of the mechanics:

The target location is hit with a (invisible) ring that moves and grows outwards,
like one single shockwave that travels roughly an area of 1 screen.
The ring will have arrows dropping on the area, and pin targets for X duration.

Faster projectile buffs will make the ring expansion faster, as slower projectile gems logically slow it down for higher dmg.

Think of a drop of water in a still pool.
Only 1 of the ripples will be the area where arrows land.

I think this would be a great change to one of the most unpopular vaal gems,
making it actually worth equipping and using it for situational fast, wide area aoe dmg.
"Im smartest. Your stoped. Dael wiht it."
Last edited by Quantume on May 31, 2015, 7:45:13 AM
Does anyone think that this skill could combo nicely with poison arrow ? Pin the mobs down then poison them while they cannot move ?
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