Vaal Spectral Throw

Anyone saying this skill is bad has not tried it with GMP.

I am currently using it with a lvl 46 duelist:

It is so damn fun, I now use cyclone + mana leech for main AoE paired with this skill when it charges up. I just cyclone into the middle of the pack and cast 1 ST. The kills are so fast i can cast another ST soon enough.

I think the best thing about the skill is the charges. You can have up to 6 charges and each one requires few souls to activate. I think the other vaal skills could be better if they worked in the same way. For example, lets take vaal fireball. It fires 36 projectiles IIRC, so why not make it fire 6 projectiles per charge and have 6 charges? You could use it more often and choose when to save up charges for a tougher fight.
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Have this hooked up to GMP & Life Gain on Hit while using a staff and am really pleased with it so far. Run into the middle of an enemy group, use Vaal Spectral Throw (multiple times if necessary), and VSP takes care of all the non-boss enemies AND keeps you healed while you take down the boss with your main skill.
Seeing Vaal ST gets so little attention really saddens me. It is a wonderful though intricate skill. I don't see why many more melee builds use Vaal ST - GMP - LGOH. It basically turns you invulnerable for as long as the weapons hit stuff.

However @GGG you really need to let the spectral weapons pass through walls and stuff. Make it so that they only apply damage when in sight of the character or something but right now Vaal ST is utterly useless in any zone/map that is not a giant open space!
What's the point of having quality in Vaal ST that increases Attack Speed when you can only use this skill after recharging it with souls? I think there is no point of having quality with this skill gem.

Any thoughts?
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It still reduces swing time a bit, plus you can get multiple charges on VST.
I do agree it's not a great Quality bonus, but it's far from the only one. Some Gems simply have cooler Quality bonuses than others.
I think the skill is okay, but only works well when you are standing still.

I think in general it would be good to make them follow the player.

I think the ability to use a quiver in the offhand of another weapon would help the skill as well
The skill is cool. I will never use it because currently when a projectile hits something it disappears. This makes the skill unreliable in 60% of the maps where there are a lot of walls and blocking ground objects.
It would be so easy to make this skill at least usable by changing it to work similarly to regular spectral throw; don't make the projectiles disappear when they hit obstacles.

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