Improving Communication: The Development Manifesto (Please Read First!)

Nice work on the "Desecrated Ground" Its really disgusting !!! fact is all the ground effects look sooo much better
Fix the connection from Asian region to US server because it lags.
You are not living up to this "improving communication" manifesto.

We need you to publicly address the cross-account character selection bug. It is an enormous, critically game-breaking bug that you have failed to publicly acknowledge since its introduction with patch 3.4.5c.

If you've secretly already fixed it, GREAT! Please tell us that. If you're still working on it, fine, but please tell us that. Right now, failing to communicate about it is just making it worse and making anyone who is paying attention extremely paranoid. If we believe the bug still exists when betrayal league launches, to me, that'll be a "betrayal" of the entire community's trust.
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You need to learn to read before blowing up.

They addressed it a week ago.
His post was written before GGGs.
have chance new season add action house for sell item? no good seach player for sell maps etc in game
Posting important info to the main forum first and social media sites second would be a great improvement.
Well, if folks from GGG read these posts then perhaps they will enjoy this post. Frankly, after playing the game regularly since pretty much the beginning my only real issue was trade and how painful it was. But, after realizing that I despise dealing with the assholes I cut down my trading to a minimum of build enabling items and has helped out. Thus, where 5,4,3 or 2 years ago I was screaming for an AH I am OK without one.

Lately I thought maybe just an AH for maps, currency and unique jewels would be a good idea, but with the power creep and the ability to make more currency and craft stuff I am again understanding that I can get by without an AH.

I rarely complain about nerfs, changes, whatever because GGG does a good job in tuning the game IMO. Also, the lag is better these days IMO. So, all is well.


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