Improving Communication: The Development Manifesto (Please Read First!)

Hope to see more new veiled mods, more recipes and more minions crafts!

Also hope to see some strong minions and summoners custom implicit mods, i hope GGG not forget add them!
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Yeah, would love it if the PS4 had a chat room. High hopes, eventually.

Also, the slow speed of the inventory movement slot by slot.. so used to fast pace, wish it could be increased where I could move across the boxes in less than nothing for PS4 of course.

Maybe eventually think about linking cross platform accounts to the forum and not just to twitch, just a thought.

My only complaints, everything else is awesome!
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1. Why are all the newly added content (betrayal, delve, incursion) are against the summoner? Can they STOP AIMING & CHASING BEHIND my character and fight my minions instead???? Running a 15K ES build + vaal discipline + ES recharge <1sec + flame dash, but still got deleted within 30secs. If you guys hate summoner that much, just REMOVE IT FROM THE GAME!!!!!!

P/s. Just this weekend itself my summoner has dead thrice in delves + twice in betrayal. 50% experience = roughly 225mins effort = my hourly wage USD $45.52 x 3.75hr = USD 170.7. NOW YOU GUYS OWE ME USD 170.7!! Please bank in to my account

2. Why is the red map drop rate so bad? I have 2 set of IIR + IIRQ equipped by both 6L skeleton mage and spectre, but the rate is still like 2:1 whilst running the red map. How abt increase the red map drop rate (which is vital for a complete game experience) and decrease the useless uniques drop rate?

3. Can the map bosses always drop a same tier/a tier higher map?
i bought a supporter pack and though it was for synthesis it was really for flashback.. just sayin.
oh and i cut out steam so next 30$ us purchase u send me t shirt...sorry not rich enough to fork out 160 us lol
Dear GGG, thanks for the game its awesome!

Haw you considered making the league mechanic evolve over time? Like the first week is one thing, the next week something is added in and so on until the end of the league?

It would retain players, make sure the league is balanced at start and end (when the market is full with stuff) and even allow for adjustments to the core mechanic without much issue, as most of the content has not "aired" yet.

Just funny shower thoughts...
El juego no necesita mas contenido aparte de lo que ya incluye la liga que toque, el juego es perfecto tal cual como se esta llevando.

GGG Lo esta haciendo todo correcto, contenidos de pago solo cosméticos y actualizando y mirando por la comunidad continuamente,de las pocas empresas buenas que ay actualmente en el mercado en la única que gastaría mi dinero.

Seguid así y siempre tendréis gente de vuestro lado.
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I will please you from Staff to remove my post from this thread. I'm sorry for my mistake and i wish you a good day!
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Awesome!! :)
Improving Communication...

On the main website, the Legion release was June 7. Nowhere did it say that it would be different for console. To avoid frustrating many people on XBox and PS4, you could just add this information with the announcement on the website or put a separate announcement ingame on the consoles.

On the next league, I will be prepared for a delayed launch, but many newcomers will not be and without communicating a delay for the consoles you will frustrate many more players again.

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