Improving Communication: The Development Manifesto (Please Read First!)

Felix35071 wrote:
gfeldman wrote:
I thought I would post this comment here as well, because totems need some love. Echo gem for self-casters, Mult-strike for Melee, and nothing at all for totems that already die fast, have low kill speed by comparison, and low cast speed. Now when I run in a group as a totem user people are going to snicker because they know that they are faster, stronger, and more tanky than I ever can be. Please give the totems some love.

What do you think of my idea for this? Splinter.

"Rather than more casts/attacks, the totem gem could be Splinter. Basically, when a totem dies it turns into 2 to 3 smaller totems that have reduced range/aoe and have less health, but are overall superior to the base totem. The base totem would probably have to either cost more or deal less damage to compensate. So if you go full totems (keystone+uniques) you could end up with NINE mini totems that tear everything apart before dying."

I think that at this point, I would settle for just about anything for totems. Splinter sounds interesting, but it would have a major drawback; its slow. Your totems would have to be cast, then pseudo killed before it kicks in. This is fine for solo, but not so much for parties that are clearing entire screens by the time your totems are placed :(
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Looking good :)
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On the topic of quivers:
#1 Victim of Murphy's Law.
Regarding communication: if y'all believe the forums do not represent the community, where do you get your more representative data?
kolton wrote:
They should've changed Windripper flavor text to this:

It hunts; as silent as falling snow, as deadly as the tempest, as stealthy as GGG patch team.
You know what I am talking about, right?
And worst change is putting almost all bosses in new version of maps into fucking small areas, where you can't kite well or dodge stuff. What a terrible idiot invented that I want say to him: dude flick you, seriously flick you very much.
im quite sure, that its a lot of work, to read all the topics and posts in this forum.
and its nearly impossible to filter the good ideas out of the thousands of posts. so it should be the first point, to easier manage the mass of posts, topics and ideas.

maybe its a good start, to implement a way to create polls, or a "like" function. this will help a lot to filter the good ideas and improve the speed of reading through the relevant topics and posts. it would be also a good tool for question by you to the community and there are many members of our community that have no time or motivation to replay to topics like this. so they would be able to be an active part of the community and not only by reading passive some posts or topics.

just want to add, that i like the idea with the community showcase, this will bring up some new ideas for your developers.

ggg got by far the best community that i found till diablo2`s end.
just go on with it :)
gg GGG
I don't know whether it is a good place for this ask but, when will be polish translation for this game? I want to play with my firends in PoE but they not speak english and they will be have a problem to play.
We love reading your thoughts on our proposed changes or design philosophies. Replies are enabled in the Development Manifesto forum, but please only post constructive on-topic discussion in each of the threads......

you cannot create anything properly without some negativity....that is just naive and ignorant of ggg.

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