Vaal Righteous Fire

Raqion wrote:
PAIN ATTUNEMENT, will this work with VRF?
I'd love to see this skill's tooltip and offence stats in character screen added/fixed.
Having the average damage number would make evaluating your gear/build in-game a lot easier.
Afaik the damage calculations are like any other spell, but basedamage replaced by the respective life/ES values so I hope this can be added in-game soon.
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Sorry for a stupid-ish question and certainly bad wording.

Does it counts as a (savage) hit for Cloaked in Savagery ? If yes, assuming you have vaal pact , would the huge life leach proc "in the same time " as the damage (you stay far from 1 life), or after (you go to 1 life but regen after).
It's not a Hit.
Will u be able to leech from VRF+vaal pact with scion-slayer ascendancy ? 10% of the overkill damage is leeched as life
Maybe i am not the first to ask this question, but is it a bug that Vaal Rigtheos Fire does not work with spell totem support, while other vaal skills do? And if its intended then why? I mean if its too overpowered to avoid the drawback of loosing hp - Vaal righteous fire + vaal pact kinda has the same result. Or are there some technical problems - like totem trying to recast it with 1 hp and wasting souls (if you managed to get full on souls with big pack kill)? Well it may look like a free shot that cost you nothing, but well so does regular RF + spell totem.
With the plans to remove instant life leech from the game, how is this skill expected to remain usable? Hoping for some adjustments.

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