Assassin's Mark

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Last bumped on Feb 20, 2020, 10:48:50 PM
Pilboshab wrote:
Is the % crit chance that you gain from the curse reducing the threshold of criting the monster on the target
Pilboshab wrote:
or is it just being added on to your crit chance?
Unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean, that's mechanically identical, so also yes.
Emphasy wrote:
Slayerchen wrote:
Well no its not, i try to explain:
1) If i use Vaal Spark and do my about 2250 Sparksand AND the crit is added to my crit chance of 40% my spark have 49% to crit.

2) If the monster has a crit threshold my spark have 40% to crit and if they do not crit, every single of the 2250 Sparks have a 9% to crit when the target is hitted ;)

I don't think thats how it works.

You cast Vaal Spark:

Since you Crit-Chance is 40%, you need to roll a 400 or less for a Crit. (Not sure if it is a Number from 1 to 1000 or from 1 to 100, but it doesn't matter for the explanation).

In that case you are rolling 431. However a few of the enemies around have Assassins Mark applied. For all those targets you can remove 90 from your roll, or add 90 to the threshold. The outcome does not change. If you remove 90 from 431 you are below 400 and would crit. If you add 90 to 400 you get 490 which would be higher than 431 and you would crit.

So since it says additional critchance it is likely easier to understand it with adding something, so we could just say that Assassins Mark adds a Number to the Crit Threshold of the enemy (in the case of 9% and this example it would be 90, to accound for one decimal, or 9 for whole numbers). And since you need to land below this threshold adding something to it has the simple effect of adding a certain amount of Critchance.

This simply means that adding to the Crit-Threshold and Adding Critchance is the same thing.
This is correct - by definition your threshold to crit a monster is 100 - crit chance. Adding to the chance and subtracting from the threshold are the same thing.

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